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The Chalfont Project

We Are Your Organizational Architects

If you want to build a remarkable organization or challenge your status quo, we are your organizational architects. If you need the best leadership, if you want a collaborative environment, if you want to master change or instill radical management innovation: we promise you will have them. Work with us. We won't tell you things just because you want to hear them.


We will advise you, work with you and we will make a difference. We don't do 'small difference' - if this is what you have in mind, don't hire us. We work with people with ambition, who see possibilities, who have a sense of urgency and who want to make a difference in their worlds - teams, leaders, companies. society. Also, we don't do misery. Pain is sometimes inevitable, but misery is always a choice. (Not ours though, life is short).


Warning: we have a bias for behaviors in everything we do. Others may ignore them in favor of processes or structures, but for us there is no change of any kind unless there is behavioral change. So, talk to us

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