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Leandro Herrero is frequently voted ‘Best Speaker’ at conferences worldwide. He speaks to Boards and Leadership Teams, participates in internal company conferences as a keynote speaker, and is available to run short seminars and longer workshops.

The topics of Leandro Herrero’s presentations and workshops relate to his work as an organizational architect and his books. 


Watch his latest Feed Forward webinar series: the organization under new management.

Machines work on feed-back. Minds work on feed-forward. We don’t need thermostats; we need new compasses. There is no ‘back to normal’. Normal has not been waiting for us.

To change to ‘the new normal’ we must think and act differently in the management of our organizations. These 5 free webinars see Dr Leandro Herrero and his team of organizational architects, debunk uncontested assumptions and uncover the alternatives, whilst considering why this is even more relevant today in the current exceptional environment.

Have your critical thinking brain, switched on. It’s a serious business. It may also be fun.


To find out more you can view his speaker video here:

To discuss engaging Dr Herrero for speaking opportunities contact The Chalfont Project team on: or call  +44 (0)1895 549144

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