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Leandro Herrero

Leandro Herrero is the CEO of The Chalfont Project, an international firm of organizational architects, and the designer of its products and services in the areas of large scale, behavioural change (Viral Change™), collective leadership and smart organizational designs. He has written several books in these areas and also, if lured into it, is an international speaker on organizational culture and leadership topics.

Today, Viral Change™, the flagship of The Chalfont Project, has impacted on more than a quarter of a million employees so far, in both the private and public sectors, across geographies.

Before his wonderful 20 year adventure, with a fantastic team at The Chalfont Project, he spent many years as a hands-on leader in several world class companies, in areas such as pharma R&D, commercial health care roles and health economics.

That means, he has been on the other side of the fence. And, before that, he practiced as a clinical psychiatrist, treating patients and teaching in the university at the same time. He wasn’t one of those couch types of psychiatrists. He wore lots of white coats. And wrote 3 books as well.

Leandro has an MBA, which he completed at the same time as working in the pharmaceutical industry and it helped him to transition from medical doctor (basically an alien) to manager (basically an indigenous species). It also allows him to make bad jokes about MBAs, probably, he says, its most useful outcome...

He is a Fellow member of several management bodies keeping alive some appearance of faithful tribalism.

He has lived in the United Kingdom for more than 30 years now and escapes to his home country, Spain, with his family as much as he can in search of the Mediterranean light.

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